La Trinidad Valencera 50th Anniversary Collections

The exhibition recreates, with great authenticity, the story of a sixteenth century war between two of Europe’s great powers, England and Spain.  Above all, it is the story of one ship, La Trinidad Valencera. Nearly 400 years after it foundered in treacherous waters off the Donegal coast, what remains of the ship and the artefacts it contained have found their ultimate home.

More than ten years in the making, An Armada Shipwreck ~ La Trinidad Valencera is a spectacular exhibition.  The story is told over four levels in the multi-award winning Tower Museum.   With an audio commentary available in six languages, the exhibition uses innovative architectural design and information technology to recount the fateful voyage of one of the ships that took part in the Armada.

Due to COVID-19 Restrictions this exhibition is currently closed to the public. However on the 50th Anniversary of the Discovery of the La Trinidad Valencera in Kinnagoe Bay, Co. Donegal on February 20th, 1971, the Tower Museum, in Partnership with the Inishowen Maritime Museum and the Nerve Centre, is proud to offer you exciting new content to bring this exhibition to your homes. 

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