The Patrick Maxwell Diaries

These incredible diaries tell the story from the viewpoint of Patrick Maxwell, a solicitor who lived in East Wall, Derry at the turn of the 20th century. He traveled to the United States and Canada on multiple occasions, documenting the experiences on board a transatlantic journey and noting the emigrants around him in great detail. Click the links below to view the voyages as published in the Derry Journal, as well as a series of newspaper cuttings on goings on in the town around this period. Permission to digitise these collections was kindly given by the late Michael Bradley.

Afloat and Ashore 1897

'Afloat and Ashore'

An account of Patrick's Voyage in 1897

Tunisiau 2

'History of a Good Time Part 1'

The first of two accounts of a voyage to Canada in 1900

Tunisiau 1

'History of a Good Time Part 2'

The second of two accounts, detailing Boston and the voyage home.

Reference Code: Mss.35.8
Title: ?Newspaper Cuttings?, contains various newspaper cuttings, extracts, correspondence, ephemera and drawings.
Creation Date: c.1883-1897
Level of description: File
Extant and Medium: 1 book, 1-33 pages, blank pages then, 70-72 pages plus loose inserts (33)
Creator: Patrick Maxwell (and family members?)
Scope and content: Book containing a variety of documents from newspaper cuttings, letters, invitations and a series of enclosed (detached) documents.

Newspaper Cuttings

Cuttings from Patrick's journeys as well as interesting newspaper accounts and leaflets from the city in the early 1900s.

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