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A Day in the Life….Your Stories
Project Update: A Day in the Life is partnering with My House of European History

We are delighted to have partnered with ‘My House of European History’ as another opportunity to engage our audiences, especially during these difficult Covid-19 times.

My House of European History is a unique collection of personal testimonies on Europe as told and lived by people from all around the world. It is a collaborative platform, managed by the European Parliament, which brings together people’s stories, in the 24 EU official languages, on what Europe means to them and how they have contributed to its history.

We will be submitting a number of your ‘A Day in the Life’ submissions to the My House of European History, as it resonates in this section in particular with ‘A Day in the Life’:

‘.. or even recounting the significant historical events that have shaped our lives in Europe from a personal angle ..’

We are particularly keen to receive submissions in different languages, something, which will serve to illustrate the linguistic diversity of our Council area.

Please click here to find our more about My House of European History.

A Day in the Life Submissions

In these unprecedented times, The Tower Museum is collating a digital collection – a snapshot of a historical event affecting the world.

Whether you are one of the many vital front line services keeping the country moving, your business has closed, you are working from home, your children are adjusting to the constraints of a very different life, you are a teacher with online classes or isolated to protect your family, tell us what your typical day is like. Everyday experiences, thoughts, worries, your well-being, what is important to you today?

You can do this with one simple image, photograph, drawing, or maybe through a few words. This is open to everyone, children and adults, we are all in this together! You may submit content in the language or format of your choice. 

Please send your submissions to collections@derrystrabane.com.

Remember to include the title of your submission and/or your name and location!