Learning Programme

Education and learning is at the heart of what we do.  Our range of learning programmes help to make local heritage accessible to all, especially our younger citizens. The Tower Museum offers a wide variety of packages aimed at Key Stage 2, 3 & 4 which includes guided tours/trails of our exhibitions and workshops. We provide outreach services and educational resources for school, adult learners, community groups and other interested groups.


Teachers and parents can download our new learning packs for use in the classroom.  The packs have been developed as multiple choice worksheets with activities added in to make learning fun.  The packs are aimed at Key Stage 2 and 3 and can be downloaded below:

armada ks2

Spanish Armada (KS2)

armada ks3

Spanish Aramada KS3

plantation siege ks2

Plantation of Ulster and The Siege of Derry (KS2)

plantation sige ks3

Plantation of Ulster and The Siege of Derry (KS3)

ww1 ks2

Partition, Home Rule and The First World War (KS2)

ww1 ks3

Parition, Home Rule and the First World War (KS3)

ww2 ks2

The Second World War (KS2)

ks3 ww2

The Second World War (KS3)

Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement and Outreach Programme is designed to foster respect and understanding of our shared heritage. We also offer a dedicated Reminiscence and Dementia Awareness Programme.

Reminiscence and Dementia Awareness Programme

We Have A Range Of Services That We Can Offer That Include:
  • Themed loan boxes
  • Reminiscence boxes
  • Maritime Road Show

For more information or to book contact the museum learning team at the Tower Museum  028 7137 2411 or email museum.education@derrystrabane.com