Base One Port of Londonderry Map (80th Anniversary)

January 26th 2022 marked the 80th Anniversary of Amercian Forces arriving in the city. While there had been personnel in plain clothes building Lisahally and other installations a few months before, this date is recognised as the official date that the Americans arrived, leaving an incredible social and architectural impact on the city for years after. With new camps, dock infrastructure and signal operations the city quicikly became pivotal to the war effort, particularly in the Battle of the Atlantic. 

For the event we are unveiling digitised images of this detailed map, created six months after their arrival, and detailing all new structures within the city. We found this map in our storage facility and after some conservation work we are delighted to bring it to you in high quality. See below for more individual details and if you want to see a full scale image, please click here. Dont forget to click the zoom icon on the top right after selecting an image to see it in more detail! For more images of related items from our collections, please click here.  

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