North West Regional College - The Curtains Project

When the British army pulled out of the Ebrington site in 2003, the only items left behind were curtains, lots and lots of curtains. In 2010, following a visit to the site these curtains were collected and stored by Anne Montgomery (Arts Consultant & Curator) and Mo Durkan (former Ilex). Anne was determined in creating a creative response to reimagine and re-contextualise the heritage materials, to upcycle over 300 metres of materials. It was a textile initiative with a multi-disciplinary approach using heritage, education, art, design and fashion. 

A partnership with the Nerve Centre and the Textile students of the North West Regional College, resulted in a proposal for a site specific installation, unfortunately Covid-19 prevented this happening but we do hope to install some items into the Tower Museum at a later date. Check out the story below!

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