Mabel Colhoun Cataloging Project

Our volunteers, primarily composing of members of the West Inishowen History and Heritage Society (WIHHS), are responsible for promoting the unparalleled local archaeological and cultural heritage of Inishowen, spanning thousands of years and encompassing Lough Foyle as well as Derry.

For three years, this group, including other volunteers and placements from around the city, have been travelling to the Tower Museum to complete the unenviable task of cataloguing the Mable Colhoun collection. The group hold a variety of skills and experience, counting among their ranks a professional engineer/sculptor, archaeologist, tour guide, museum officer and IT officer, combined with a collective desire to ensure one of the most important local collections is preserved and accessible to the public.

This group of volunteers have devised and created the project, providing periodical updates to the museum team. Their work has already resulted in a major exhibition in the Tower Museum, over 3,000 items catalogued, a highly successful travelling exhibition and directly engaging thousands of people at public events throughout their tenure here at the museum.

We will be making this collection avialable to search online in the future. In the meantime you can view some sketches of the artefacts below. If you have any queries about the collection, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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